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Komodo Island Incredibly Stunning World

Komodo National Park is one of the top ten best tourist destinations of the world version of National Geographic. Komodo Island is listed in the category of spring adventures or recommended sights to be enjoyed in the spring. National Geographic called Komodo National Park has many exotic areas that can be visited by tourists..

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Komodo Island from Above Gili Lawa

The beauty of the Komodo Islands cluster is endless for the exploration.After Komodo Island, Pink Beach, and Rinca Island, the next journey is Gili Lawa. This small island located in the north of Komodo Island is always interesting to visit every curve of its beauty.

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A Different Destination Around Labuan Bajo

The holidays around Labuan Bajo are identical with Komodo Island. But other than that, many other cool tourist objects such as waterfalls. If we talk about Labuan Bajo, who thought of the beauty around Komodo Island. Like trekking Padar Island.

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7 Ancient Animals That Still Exist In Indonesia

Usually if we want to see the ancient animals then we'll only see in the fossil record because ancient animals that became extinct millions of years ago. But amongst those ancient animal can still be found and alive on this earth, preciously in Indonesia.

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4 Special Lake That should be visited on your Trip to Indonesia

Komodo Island Trip - Kakaban Lake East KalimantanExploring the natural wealth of Indonesia seemed to have no end. Increasingly in exploring more cool spots found. Such as thhis following four lakes, some of them are still unfamiliar to the traveler, but they could potentially become a popular tourist destination in the future.

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Flores Not Only About Kelimutu Lake But Also World's Second Largest Lotus Lake

Bali Holidays - Lotus lake in East ManggaraiIf you're traveling to the island of Flores lets take a time to stop at the Rana Tonjong Lake. This lake is located in Pota Village, Sambirampas district , East Manggarai district. This lake has different characteristics than the other lakes on the island. Tonjong Rana lake is a lake that contains the lotus flower as well as the so-called lotus lake.

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If Bali has Ubud with the Rice Terrace Fields, then Flores also had Cancar with The Crop Cirle Rice Field.

Komodo Island - Flores rice field - Crop cirle rice fieldTraveled in Bali was never out of Ubud which has terraced rice fields with irrigation system called Subak. A view of the green rice fields become refreshing treat for any traveler who visit. However privilege farming systems like this is also owned by the neighboring province of East Nusa Tenggara precisely in Flores.

Tourism in Flores may not yet as famous as Bali or compete with nearby neighbors, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. But the nature potential of this region's should be reckoned as a serious challenger to both Lombok and Bali. As long as now Flores famous with Kelimutu in the district of Ende. But there are many other exotic places which deserves to be explored one of them is the Cancar village.

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Komodo Island Kelimutu Lake Coming Up National Tourism Strategic Area

Kelimutu Lake Komodo Island in West Manggarai regency and Kelimutu Lake in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), will be established along with 23 other places in Indonesia become a national tourism strategic areas. It was announced by Deputy Assistant Infrastructure Development and Impacts of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh, in the coordination meeting of development of tourism infrastructure East region in 2015 with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry Coordinator maritime, Ministry of Planning / Bappenas, the Office of Staff of the Presidency, and UPT Ministry of Transportation in the Eastern Conference Aston Hotel, Kota Kupang on Friday (09/18/2015).

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Several Way go to Komodo Island From Bali

Unless you’re carry slowly land across the complete Indonesian earth, Komodo Island is one in all those ‘out of the way’ places for many backpackers. Lying distant east from the key Indonesian holidaymaker zones of island, Lombok and therefore the Gili Islands, the Komodo Dragons area unit the most important draw to the realm.

Let’s inspect this from a daily backpackers perspective, your start line for a visit to Komodo can most likely be in one in all the most holidaymaker areas, thus let’s inspect the way to get to Komodo Island from island.

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