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The Process of Making “Sopi” Aimere Flores

Posted by Andy Sakung (andy) on Nov 08 2013
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Komodo Island Trip - Aimere area known as the producer of wine Flores, or commonly known as "Sopi" or " moke " . Drink produced by the distillation of local palm wine is a typical drink with alcohol content. Usually in a party - a party on the island of Flores, even the death of the shows ever-present drink. If you walk from the district Ngada heading to Ruteng you 'll see in a few stalls seemed plastic bottles size 600 ml and 1.5 liter front neat place selling them . It was definitely the name "Sopi " or " moke " .

Process of making this drink is traditional, without the use of modern tools. Even the raw material that was located in their backyard. Dozens of towering tree sap ready to take the juice, twice daily tree sap tapped. A little acrobatic ability and courage. Because once climbed a tree in the sap, the bugs usually rises from a tree and the tree fell on the other. So when it was in the tree, they do not fall down and climb another tree. But they will move from one tree to another when it is above The acrobatic ability can result in lead sap , which is still bubbly cider will be allowed to stand overnight . Then the next morning, their new cook . The new juice taken it fresh.  After stored overnight, the juice will be included in a vessel of clay to be cooked. The vessel will be sealed and attached on top of a bamboo splinter the size of 0.5 meter length. Bamboo is then linked with other bamboo approximately 7 feet in length and mounted horizontally. While firewood starts up, it will extract the boiling vessel. Steam in the vessel will rise up, and then down to the bamboo mounted transversely to undergo condensation process.

At the other end of a bamboo transverse, are available to accommodate a jerry can of water droplets when the condensation process of cooking. That’s first to make “Sopi”. After 3 bottles of can collected droplets condensing it, will be cooked again like the beginning of the process, that's second cooking. 3 bottles of cooked it , will be 1 bottle. And named as " Sopi " No. 1 , ready to selling .Process dialectic in making ”sopi” is an indigenous community.

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Reviewed April 18, 2013
I've wanted to go to Komodo for years and I'm so glad we made the trip. Alam organised it all really well, my only criticism is that we were not advised to down size our luggage - luckily we'd made that decision ourselves, and left most of our luggage in Bali. I'm glad we did, as there was very limited space on the boat for luggage! Other than that - the scenery was gorgeous, the komodo dragons impressive, the food on board the boat amazingly good - it was a fabulous trip!


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