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The Beauty of Komodo Island

Posted by Komang Pande (funday) on Oct 30 2018
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The Beauty of Komodo Island Tourism - The Nusa Tenggara Islands save a million of its natural barks. Geographically, the Nusa Tenggara islands are east of Sumbawa Island. Between these two islands, the Sape Strait is separated.

Among the many islands in the Nusa Tenggara Islands, there is an island that is interesting for us. Its name is Komodo Island. This island is included in the Komodo National Park area. What's interesting? The following information.

Komodo Island Tourism

As the name implies, Komodo Island is an island that is also a step animal habitat in this country. Its existence is shrinking more and more. Certainly exciting if we can see directly the life of animals protected by this country. Not only on Komodo Island, Komodo dragons also exist on islands adjacent to them. Like on Rinca Island. On the island, tourists can freely see and observe the daily patterns of Komodo dragons. There is a right place to see a herd of dragons. Tourists can climb a hill, namely Bukit Ara (538 masl). On the mountain, a lot of Komodo dragons live wildly. Besides Komodo dragons, other animals that we can see, namely wild deer, bulls, wild horses and others.

The beauty of the beach

Secondly, it turns out that tourists can also enjoy the beautiful and amazing natural charm, the beauty of white sand decorated with coral and the waves on the beach. Sea water is so clear and blue and the sunshine warms the beach. on the island of Komodo is also famous for its pink beaches which are often known as pink beaches which are caused by materials that are under the sea so that the beach color turns pink

Underwater Biota

Third, Komodo National Park turns out to save other beauty, namely the beauty of the underwater that is charming. You can dive and enjoy the beauty of hundreds of species of coral reefs, seaweed, dozens of kinds of sponges, green turtles, thousands of species of fish including sharks, stingrays, whales, and dolphins. the beauty of marine life makes many foreign tourists come to Komodo Island to dive

Wallace Line transition zone

Fourth, the location in the Wallacea line transition zone makes this area very beautiful. This region was formed from the meeting of two continents, namely Asia and Australia, which then formed a unique row of islands with volcanoes.

Therefore, this island is full of birds and animals from the two continents. There are many types of flora and fauna that live in this Komodo National Park. Here are 254 species of flora from Asia and Australia, 128 species of birds, and 58 other types of fauna.

Grasslands and Sabana Forest

Fifth, tourists want to feel the sensation of being in the middle of grasslands and savanna forests? Here the place is, the vast savannah grassland reaches 70% of the total area of the national park. Various types of grass thrive there.


Besides tourists can see directly Komodo should not be too close here tourists can also rent fishing boats to the Red beach. Tourists will be able to enjoy the beauty of pink sand, which is only 7 places in the world. When tourists boating, at any time dolphins can suddenly appear tempting. Tourists can play with them. Besides that, a variety of beautiful fish, hiding behind the beauty of coral reefs, green turtles and free-swimming whales are also ready to welcome tourists. Well, before going home, looking for souvenirs and souvenirs? Tourists can come to Loh Buaya and Loh Liang, a souvenir sales center typical of Komodo National Park. can buy t-shirts with the image of Komodo, Komodo wood sculptures, to accessories with the nuances of Komodo Island. Besides that, don't forget the fine ikat woven from Flores with beautiful motifs and patterns and Flores specialties, Rambut Kue. The lives of rural people on Komodo Island, we should also visit. They are people who, directly, must also preserve nature there. On Komodo Island, there are also mangroves and lush green grasslands. Such forms of nature make us feel heavy to leave immediately.Before going to leave this beautiful spot, it's a good idea to take the time to buy a number of typical Komodo souvenirs. Like a wooden statue in the form of a Komodo dragon or a shirt with a picture of a Komodo dragon.

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