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So'a Hot Spring

Posted by Rony (rony) on Nov 09 2013
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Komodo Island Trip - What the hell are not more beautiful than enjoying the tour with the system once paddled two three birds with one stone. That's what you can feel when visiting the island of Flores. From the western end of which is a tourist destination island of Komodo, Rinca and based in Labuan Bajo then in the middle of it, Ende, who keep the charm of the lake three colors. Travelers who have set foot on the ground Flores certainly rarely missed an opportunity to continue the journey to Labuan Bajo of Flores.

During the trip using the Trans Flores provincial lines here, you will find some travelers who had to stop off point while all the way. Labuan Bajo contours of the coastal lowlands of the way to Flores is definitely going through typical highland areas cool, distant mountains are named Bajawa. There a variety of mountain tourism and also easily found worthy to be enjoyed. One example is enjoying the bath in the hot water bath Manggeruda that is located in one of the areas in Bajawa named Soa.

Bajawa is a mountainous area that must pass after Ruteng. Soa hot spring bathing place is located about 18 km from the city center Bajawa, or travel from Labuan Bajo for 8 hours via overland by car. The road to the baths themselves can be said to be good for the easy road terrain is smooth asphalt that has two lines so it is quite large. Exhausting journey feels the sensation of the body need to be pampered with natural hot springs that make the body more relaxed atmosphere coupled with the cold Soa.

To go to the baths in addition to using the private car ( rental ), it can also be done by taking public transport from the city to the Soa Bajawa the department at the rate of 5,000 rupiahs. This bath is one of the major tourism attraction in Bajawa of interest locally and even overseas travelers who stopped in the middle of the journey to Flores.
The existence of Mount Inerie in Bajawa apparently given its own blessings because of the springs where the hot springs are. Was opened as a tourist attraction in 1997. Manggeruda hot water bath is now quite manageable by the local tourism office is marked with the official ticket office that enforces the ticket price.

A form of bathing itself is composed of several ponds that had its own temperature levels, there is lukewarm to the highest temperature is the flow of hot water that looks like a river of hot water as a source of natural and flowing each pool.

Hot water from the source itself is said to temperature up to 44 degrees Celsius and when it flows in bath temperature dropped to 36 degrees Celsius. At first, it feels like a boiling body but when the body is able to adapt to the water temperature is guaranteed you will not move from bathing because they feel relaxed and loose all tired and sore.

Hot water here is known to have properties to cure various diseases like skin diseases because very decent level to be used as a therapeutic medium. In addition to the temperature, sulfur content and other substances originating from volcanic magma that made ​​the earth also provide hot water for a soak its own properties. The flow of hot water can also be like very heavy rapids in the river, especially during the rainy season, when it is dry season and sometimes even a little stream of water that caused so dry pond.

Besides bathing pool, there are a few more things we can do here such as camping in the bath accompanied by tall trees that create a beautiful landscape. To stay here charge more than about 70 thousand dollars per night. If you prefer to stay in town Bajawa the average room price is above 100 thousand, such as for example the Hotel Korina cost 300 thousand per night by presenting a view of the city Bajawa view window.

The green area of hot spring bath made Manggeruda in SOA, Bajawa categorized as an eco - tourist attraction that is relying on the natural elements. Another quite complete facilities also exist here such as toilets, resto - cafe, campground areas, woods with walking trails, etc. Unfortunately, some supporting facilities such as locker rooms are not currently maintained plus beauty tampered with graffiti parties who are not responsible.

In addition because of its location which is located in the path of tourists traveling out of town, many travel agents that offer travel packages to Flores with a previous stop at the baths. That's what makes this bath has become a popular tourist ear because bathing area visited by tourists is almost always out of town / overseas Bajawa passing to relax while traveling therapies relieve aches away.

Disconnect your fatigue during long trips with a soak in the natural hot springs at Soa, Bajawa. Body and your mind will come back refreshed and relaxed so passionate spirit roam Flores back

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Reviewed April 18, 2013
I've wanted to go to Komodo for years and I'm so glad we made the trip. Alam organised it all really well, my only criticism is that we were not advised to down size our luggage - luckily we'd made that decision ourselves, and left most of our luggage in Bali. I'm glad we did, as there was very limited space on the boat for luggage! Other than that - the scenery was gorgeous, the komodo dragons impressive, the food on board the boat amazingly good - it was a fabulous trip!


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