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Several Way go to Komodo Island From Bali

Posted by Kama Kariyasa (kama) on Feb 23 2015
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Unless you’re carry slowly land across the complete Indonesian earth, Komodo Island is one in all those ‘out of the way’ places for many backpackers. Lying distant east from the key Indonesian holidaymaker zones of island, Lombok and therefore the Gili Islands, the Komodo Dragons area unit the most important draw to the realm.

Let’s inspect this from a daily backpackers perspective, your start line for a visit to Komodo can most likely be in one in all the most holidaymaker areas, thus let’s inspect the way to get to Komodo Island from island.

Bali to Komodo by Boat

The only possibility that may take you all the means no end at Labuan Bajo is by boat. Perama tours, the foremost standard boat trip possibility, have a spread of tour choices. Their visits will involve stopping to snorkel, and to check sights and activities on the means. For divers, there\'s lots of liveaboard visits which will take you to dive spots, and onto Komodo to check the Dragons.

Most boat visits to Komodo from island sail to the north, past the Gili Islands, Lombok and Sumbawa onto the Komodo park close to Flores. detain mind that this space, in the main the Makassar Strait and therefore the Flores ocean, is ill-famed for being troublesome to navigate.

Due to shallow rocky areas and currents going each direction you\'ll be able to imagine, accidents and shipwrecks during this space do happen, even with the foremost trusty tour corporations. check that for yourself the vessel has life jackets and that they area unit simply accessible, not tied down or secured to something. a water-proof bag may be a sensible plan, you\'ll be able to use it to hold any electronic things, like your camera. Most guest homes in island can enable you to store your massive serious baggage while you\'re on the trip.

There has been 2 or 3 accidents sailing to Komodo within the past 9 months, you shouldn’t worry concerning it an excessive amount of as these tours leave daily. however keep your wits concerning you, and raise queries before you had over any cash.

Flying to Komodo

A flight deed from Denpasar in island can take you to Labuan Bajo flying field, that may be a short taxi to the pier wherever you\'ll be able to take boat visits to Komodo Island, and round the park. A flight is that the simplest and quickest possibility.

The island to Komodo Island Bus

The bus is that the most cost-effective and therefore the thanks to select the foremost courageous. It’s not an easy bus ride by any means that, multiple buses, ferry crossings and random stops everywhere the place.

The land ticket from island can take you to Labuan Bajo Harbour in Flores, that is true in city. Labuan Bajo has guesthouses, web cafes and restaurants, though of these area unit terribly basic.

When taking the bus, 3 ferry crossings area unit area unit needed, from island to Lombok, Lombok to Sumbawa, and Sumbawa to Labuan Bajo in Flores, check that to raise if these area unit enclosed in your price ticket and raise them to put in writing it down – they ought to be.

After you have got engaged your price ticket, invite the signal of the corporate thus you\'ll be able to decision them at any time, nothing ought to extremely get it wrong. Your biggest worry on this trip ought to be stamina and luxury, below I even have delineated  in bullet points however this land bus trip from island to Komodo Island goes.

  • Pick up from your house in island.
  • Minibus ride to the the ferry for Lombok
  • Catch the ferry from island to Lombok
  • Arrive in Lombok, then a minibus to the massive bus terminal.
  • Get on the massive bus across Lombok
  • The bus can drive onto a ferry to Sumbawa
  • The ferry ride from Lombok to Sumbawa
  • Epic bus journey across Sumbawa
  • Stop somewhere in east Sumbawa and alter to a crazy minibus.
  • The minibus can evetually fancy to the ferry to Labuan Bajo
  • Take the ferry ride to Labuan Bajo.

When I took this journey, it took around forty four hours in total. Not solely is every leg of the journey quite long, there’s usually lots of waiting in between every modification of transport. I’m glad I took this trip by land, it had been an excellent however exhausting expertise, we have a tendency to flew back albeit it had been double the value.

Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island

Now you have got got yourself to Labuan Bajo, be it by land or air, the way to you get to Komodo Island? It’s truly quite easy, and you have got 2 main choices. i like to recommend a a 2 day tour of the Komodo park as there\'s tons additional to check than the Dragons.

1. Take a walk right down to the harbor and raise around, you\'ll be able to negociate a worth with the captain yourself.
2. search for a a box office in city, they ought to be ready to kind you out.

Activities you\'ll be able to waste Komodo park
Trekking on Rinca Island
Snorkeling at ‘Red Beach’ (which was spectacular)
Watching Flying Foxes within the Mangroves
Overnight on the Deck of the Boat
Trekking on Komodo Island
Snorkeling with Manta Rays (we got lucky on the boat ride home)

We would not suggested booking a Komodo Island tour beside your flight or ticket. As a savvy tramper it’s higher to travel down there and see for yourself what’s occurring, golf stroke yourself during a negotiating position for the simplest deal.

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