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Komodo Island Kelimutu Lake Coming Up National Tourism Strategic Area

Posted by Rony (rony) on Nov 01 2015
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Kelimutu Lake

Komodo Island in West Manggarai regency and Kelimutu Lake in Ende, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), will be established along with 23 other places in Indonesia become a national tourism strategic areas. It was announced by Deputy Assistant Infrastructure Development and Impacts of Tourism, Ministry of Tourism, Frans Teguh, in the coordination meeting of development of tourism infrastructure East region in 2015 with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry Coordinator maritime, Ministry of Planning / Bappenas, the Office of Staff of the Presidency, and UPT Ministry of Transportation in the Eastern Conference Aston Hotel, Kota Kupang on Friday (09/18/2015).

According to Frans, the development of national tourism strategic areas to be followed by the development of tourism ecosystem with the emergence of new economic nodes in areas surrounding tourism destinations. "Up to 2019, set 25 national tourism strategic areas. Two of them are in NTT, Komodo and Kelimutu, "Frans said.

Frans said the target of foreign tourist arrivals to 20 million people by 2019 should be able to bring a fundamental economic change. Therefore, Frans added, the goal of this coordination meeting is to create convergence program ministries or institutions in the development of tourism infrastructure. In the same place, the Deputy Governor Alexander Benny Litelnoni said , East Nusa Tenggara is rich with tourism potential, but access is very limited. "East Nusa Tenggara has a lot of natural and cultural wealth of interesting, but much remains hidden. Tourism in East Nusa Tenggara generally grow naturally. There are various kinds of uniqueness that only exist in the province, but it has not been exploited to the maximum, "said Benny.

Benny also appreciate the steps the Ministry of Tourism to develop tourism infrastructure. "The development of tourism related to many aspects. Infrastructure support is very important to facilitate the flow of people and goods into objects of tourism, "he added. Linked access to area attractions, Benny touched on the classification of state roads, provincial roads and district roads less by the allocation of available funds. "Many of the countries that are still viable, but each year fixed. Meanwhile, the streets towards the objects of tourism generally provincial and district roads with the availability of a limited budget, "Benny explained.

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