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Kalong Island, Flores

Posted by Andy Sakung (andy) on Nov 09 2013
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Komodo Island Trip - Flores cluster of small islands into the Komodo National Park area has its own characteristics , each of which is rich in diversity of flora or fauna both on land or under the sea . Perhaps rarely seen typical terrestrial animals that colonize an island . Most are group of islands in the underwater beauty store .Of course the many islands of Komodo and Rinca Island inherent in memory of the tourists as the island is the habitat of endemic land animals are dragons . However , there is one island that turns fruit store special privileges as a habitat for thousands of animals that live there and be a tourist destination as well that can only be seen from a ship at the edge of the island . The island called Pulau Kalong . From the name alone would already know that the animals that lived up to form colonies are thousands of Bats or Flying Fox.

Kalong Island is located approximately 8 miles from the Port of Labuan Bajo can be reached by sea travel for approximately 1 hour . The island is a mangrove forest important role in the balance of nature especially the ocean . As the native habitat of Bats or Flying Fox, of course when it comes to this island when the sun is shining bright there will be no passing bats fly , only the sights are sleeping bats hanging from the trees that exist throughout the island.

Usually bats island region has become one of the tourist destination following the sailing trip to see thousands of bats swarm moved from the sky of dusk and fly to the mainland island of Flores as the sun 's About a 6 o'clock pm . Make sure the boat pulled over to the side where the sun sets in front of our eyes and the beauty of the Creator's power will soon be seen , when the orange light of the setting sun lit up the sky thousands of animals nan nimble little black flies while making the sound - voice thundering towards Labuan Bajo and surrounding areas .

The moment had been deliberately designed to be witnessed by tourists so a trip to the island of Bats usually during the afternoon . Usually crowded Kalong Island at sunset and also used as a location like step aside the ship to stay overnight until morning to continue the journey . Factor why many ships are pulled in Kalong Island neighborhood is in addition to the proximity to the island of Rinca ( main purpose sailing trip ) , but also because it is considered safe from tidal currents in the Flores Sea are quite cruel because the mangroves that can withstand the pounding of the waves and currents.

In addition, the sensation to stay at animal habitats that are considered a symbol of the horror that also left a distinct impression to the tourists as " thrilling sensation" is . Do not be alarmed by the presence of bats that seem sinister because bats that live on this island all fruit eaters ( herbivores ) which seek their food from fruit trees around the island of Flores.

Kalong island is uninhabited and not also be entered by humans because the topography around the island which is dominated by dense mangroves so hard to be passed by humans . Moreover , it is said in this island there are also colonies python snakes that become predatory bats and could also threaten the safety of people who forced their way into exploring the island . Previously there have been trying to explore the human stories that go into Kalong Island , but he did not come back out was not even invented.

It only reinforced the notion that the island is also home to the python who likes to live in damp places . But do not be afraid to just stop at the edge of this island because there has never been a story that says that the python came disrupt existing travelers on board . Some tips for those who intend to spend the evening while watching the sunset here is that the first is to make sure you capture the moment when a background sunset thousands of bats that fly that looks like black dots cover the orange setting sun .

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Reviewed April 18, 2013
I've wanted to go to Komodo for years and I'm so glad we made the trip. Alam organised it all really well, my only criticism is that we were not advised to down size our luggage - luckily we'd made that decision ourselves, and left most of our luggage in Bali. I'm glad we did, as there was very limited space on the boat for luggage! Other than that - the scenery was gorgeous, the komodo dragons impressive, the food on board the boat amazingly good - it was a fabulous trip!


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