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If Bali has Ubud with the Rice Terrace Fields, then Flores also had Cancar with The Crop Cirle Rice Field.

Posted by Gede Wahyu (wahyu) on Dec 09 2015
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Traveled in Bali was never out of Ubud which has terraced rice fields with irrigation system called Subak. A view of the green rice fields become refreshing treat for any traveler who visit. However privilege farming systems like this is also owned by the neighboring province of East Nusa Tenggara precisely in Flores.

Komo Island - Flore rice field - Crop circle rice field

Tourism in Flores may not yet as famous as Bali or compete with nearby neighbors, Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. But the nature potential of this region's should be reckoned as a serious challenger to both Lombok and Bali. As long as now Flores famous with Kelimutu in the district of Ende. But there are many other exotic places which deserves to be explored one of them is the Cancar village.

Cancar village located in East Manggarai district. The unique of this village is a vast expanse of  the rice field with a typical allocation systems. Each rice terraces in the Cancar village is shaped like a spider web that is centered in the middle and widened on each side. If viewed from the top of a hill the rice field forms are similar to the shape of the mysterious Crop Circle.

Komodo Island - Linko Cara Flores - Spider web rice field

This unique Rice fields allocation systems is called Lingko. This is customary land owned communally to meet the needs of the community. Just like rice fields in Ubud which has a characteristic terraced, in the Cancar village was also able to attract many a traveler. They are intrigued by the unique allocation system of the Rice fields at Manggarai.

For residents of Manggarai, Rice fields is not just a place to grow rice, but it also to support of life. So no wonder if people really appreciate Manggarai rice fields. Paddy fields was governed by customs that will be full of philosophy. That is why the model-shaped rice fields there were spider webs.

Well, for tourists who are curious to see this rice fields you could come to the village Cancar within 45 minutes from Ruteng, the capital of East Manggarai. Or traveler can also join in the harvest festival in this village every year in May.


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