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Flores Not Only About Kelimutu Lake But Also World's Second Largest Lotus Lake

Posted by Gede Wahyu (wahyu) on Dec 20 2015
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Bali Holidays - Lotus lake in East Manggarai

If you're traveling to the island of Flores lets take a time to stop at the Rana Tonjong Lake. This lake is located in Pota Village, Sambirampas district , East Manggarai district. This lake has different characteristics than the other lakes on the island. Tonjong Rana lake is a lake that contains the lotus flower as well as the so-called lotus lake.

This lotus lake measuring 2.5 hectares and making it the biggest lotus lake in Indonesia and ranked second in the world under similar lakes in India. Reportedly the existence of this lake has existed since hundreds of years ago. Tonjong Rana name comes from the dialect of East Manggarai in which the shutter means lake and Tonjong is lotus.

Bali Holidays - Lotus lake in Flores

For your information that the lotus flower blooming season occurs from April to June. In this months is the best time to visit the lake. The local Tourism Office started promoting this lake. Travelers who had accumulated on the Kelimutu lake began to be directed to visit the lake Rana Tonjong.

There is already a lot of local and foreign tourists who know this area. They also started to know very well when blossoming exotic lotus flowers so that in the months April to June many tourists come to the lake to watch the blossoming lotus.

Bali Holidays - Rona Tanjung the Lotus Lake in Flores

Many tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the giant lotus flower in the lotus lake in Pota village. This is a tourism asset that boasts of East Manggarai Regency.  The location is still hidden so as to give a plus because it has the atmosphere of unspoiled nature and fresh. If this area managed properly may Rana Tonjong lake will become a popular tourist destination there.

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