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First time to Komodo National Park? Here are 3 Diving Locations Recommended By Diving Coordinator

Posted by Komang Pande (funday) on Sep 04 2018
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First time to Komodo National Park? Here are 3 Diving Locations Recommended Diving Coordinator

The Komodo National Park (TN) area is not only famous for rare animals waiting for the islands there, but also for its extraordinary " underwater paradise". For tourists who first go to Komodo National Park for diving or snorkeling, Yitno the snorkeling coordinator on Komodo Island recommends three favorite dive points that must be visited first.

1. Karang Makasar

This diving point has a depth of 10-30 meters, with a very diverse biota of both coral and fish. One of the most favorite points because of the possibility of meeting a huge manta. Fish that tourists can find here are reef manta, mobula rays, eagle rays, bamboo sharks, reef sharks, bumphead, and other ornamental fish.

2. Pink Beach

From this first spot is quite close to the pink beach, only about 25 minutes by speedboat. Pink Beach is indeed a beach with famous sand pink due to the distortion of sunlight.
However, the pink beach also has a diving point that is no less interesting to visit. There, tourists can see colorful coral fish, napoleon fish, and hawksbill turtles.

3. Batu Bolong

This third point was visited by almost the majority of tourists who came to Komodo National Park for the first time. Its location is between Batu Island and Komodo Island, about 20 minutes by speedboat from Komodo Island. At this point, you can also do snorkeling or diving, even though the depth is 10-30 meters. Diving here can also be done at low tide because the current is not very clear. You can meet a wide variety of reef fish, napoleon fish, dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, to hawksbill turtles. The hard coral cover here reaches 75.2 percent, still in good condition, with bright colors. "Bolong stone is still on Komodo Island, fish and animals are many, so one of the most favorite. All sure try there, the visibility is 15-20 meters," said Yitno.

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