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Explore the whereabouts of Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island

Posted by Komang Pande (funday) on Dec 04 2019
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Flores with the Komodo Islands, which are the original habitat of these ancient Komodo dragons, seems to have become a favorite destination visited by travelers both at home and abroad. Many people come to this archipelago just to see firsthand the behavior of these extinct animals. Apart from its beauty that is recognized by the world for successfully bearing the title "New 7 Wonders of Nature" lined up with other beautiful places around the world. This island is also part of the UNESCO world heritage site, because it belongs to the Komodo National Park area along with Komodo Island, Padar Island and Gili Motang. Administratively, this island belongs to the Komodo District, West Manggarai Regency, NTT.

But did you know that not only on Komodo Island you can see these ancient animals? Yes, on Rinca Island you can also see it. The island, which is one part of the Komodo archipelago, turns out to also be the original habitat of the Komodo dragon with the second most population after the island of Komodo. Although the area is smaller compared to Komodo Island, the Komodo dragon population of around 1500 will be easier to find on Rinca Island compared to Komodo Island. Actually on Padar Island, there were also dragons in the past, but the breaking of the food chain that caused the island's ecosystem to become undeveloped so that eventually the Komodo dragon population became extinct. The location of Rinca Island itself is closer to Labuan Bajo when compared to Komodo Island, with the highest point of the island being in Doro (Mount) Ora with an altitude of around 670 meters above sea level. Not only dragons, on this island also live various types of animals such as dragons, wild pigs, buffalo and birds.

Trekking path options are available, ranging from short, medium to long trekking. Visitors are free to determine their own choice of the route, adjusted for physical conditions for safety and minimize risk in the field later. Along the trekking path, visitors will be accompanied by beautiful scenery in the form of hills and stretches of blue sea. This hill will be dry and yellow during the dry season, while if it enters the rainy season, this hill will turn green. On the sidelines of the trekking trip, visitors will find on top of that hill that has a unique view of Rinca Island. Expanse of blue sea combined with exotic hills makes Rinca Island more beautiful.

Access to Tourism Locations
One way to get to Rinca Island is to start the journey from Labuan Bajo by using a fast boat. Visitors can also use the services of a travel agent that provides Komodo sailing tour packages along the streets around the Port of Labuan Bajo. The trip to Rinca Island from Labuan Bajo takes 2 hours via the sea of course and is anchored at the Loh Buaya dock on Rinca Island. From the guard post, visitors will be combined by the ranger to explore and trace the dragons on Rinca Island.

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