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Batu Cermin

Posted by Andy Sakung (andy) on Nov 09 2013
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Komodo Island Trip - Mirror stone, is actually a tunnel or a cave in the dark rock in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Sunlight into the cave through a hole in the wall and then bounced off a rock that seems to reflect little light to other areas in the cave like a mirror. That's why this place is called the stone mirror.

This cave is located east of the port of Labuan Bajo about four kilometers from the city center. This cave has a forest where you can find long-tailed macaque and wild boar.

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Reviewed April 18, 2013
I've wanted to go to Komodo for years and I'm so glad we made the trip. Alam organised it all really well, my only criticism is that we were not advised to down size our luggage - luckily we'd made that decision ourselves, and left most of our luggage in Bali. I'm glad we did, as there was very limited space on the boat for luggage! Other than that - the scenery was gorgeous, the komodo dragons impressive, the food on board the boat amazingly good - it was a fabulous trip!


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