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A Different Destination Around Labuan Bajo

Posted by Komang Pande (funday) on Apr 29 2017
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The holidays around Labuan Bajo are identical with Komodo Island. But other than that, many other cool tourist objects such as waterfalls. If we talk about Labuan Bajo, who thought of the beauty around Komodo Island. Like trekking Padar Island, see the activity of dragons on the island of Rinca, or more amazing, see the beauty of its underwater. Extraordinary. If venturing around Labuan Bajo for 5 days Before the flight, the diver must adjust, at least 24 hours of rest from the last dive, up to the hour of flight time. 

During the break, we usually walk around enjoy the beauty of the city. But unexpectedly, when I was browsing, Labuan Bajo turned out to have a wide range of attractions. Of the many alternatives, the choice falls on a waterfall. It takes about 2 hours using a private car. Until the bridge of the car stopped and a distance of 3 kilometers to get to the Counters. While walking can enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature around it. After purchasing tickets that have included the guide It still takes 1 hour to reach the waterfall. The road is quite steep, up and down and slippery road.

Such a moment needs a good physical condition, and do not forget to bring drinking water and little food. Because there is no merchant there. The surrounding residents are very friendly towards tourists, with smiles and greetings. The village with the main income of candlenut and rice, looks clean and neat. Added to the comfortable atmosphere of our trip. The first cunca of Cunca Lawar has been exceeded, Continue to rise to our main goal, namely Cunca Wulan. There is a place that can bathe under the waterfall. By passing the climbing it will get to the Cunca wulang. Cunca Wulang is a very beautiful waterfall in flores

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