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4 Special Lake That should be visited on your Trip to Indonesia

Posted by Gede Wahyu (wahyu) on Dec 24 2015
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Exploring the natural wealth of Indonesia seemed to have no end. Increasingly in exploring more cool spots found. Such as thhis following four lakes, some of them are still unfamiliar to the traveler, but they could potentially become a popular tourist destination in the future.

The following lakes have prefereintial each other, there which has such colorful water like lake Kelimutu in Flores, some are water have two flavors like Labuan Cermin lake. Here are the most special lakes in Indonesia that must be included in the list of your trip.

1. Kelimutu Lake – East Nusa Tenggara

The first special lake is Kelimutu lake which located at the top of Mount Kelimutu on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara in the Pemo village, District Flores, Ende which also includes one of the volcanoes in Indonesia. At the peak of this mountain there are three craters that have adifferent water color called Kelimutu Lake and the famous as Three Colors Lake.

Komodo Island Trip - Kelimutu Three Color Lake at Flores , East Nusa Tenggara, indonesia

The colors in the crater of Mount Kelimutu are red, blue and white. This color is always changing over time. Based on myth of the local people on Flores, each color has a different meaning, blue lake is  defined as a gathering place for the souls of young people who have died. Then the red color of the lake is a place for the soul of the dead peoples which in their life do the bad thing like crimes, black magic, etc. The white color lake is gathering place for spirit of old people who have died.

2. Pagar Alam Lake – Bengkulu

A traveler may already be familiar with the story of the blood fall in Antarctica or Hillier Lake in Australia where the water is colored pink. In Indonesia also has the vagaries of nature like those of several countries. Just look at a lake in the area of Raja Mandare hills in Bengkulu Province. In the location which is the border between the Pagaralam and Kaur Kaur City there are lakes of blood or Danau Darah.

Komodo Island Trip - Lake of Blood or Pagaralam lake at Bengkulu, Indonesia

Named the Lake of Blood, because the water is red like blood. This lake is recently discovered and this discovery was made by accident when a group of local residents do an expedition to the the area of Rimbacandi in 2010. The lake is still isolated in the middle of the thick forest of Bengkulu has its own uniqueness. If we see the lake water is red but try to scoop up the water, the color of the water turns clear.

3. Labuan Cermin Lake – East Kalimantan

Being in the same region as Derawan which well-known in advance, Labuan Cermin Lake also known as Labuan Mirror lake began to show his charm in the world of tourism. This is because of its preferential that are not owned by the other lakes. The lake is located in Berau, East Kalimantan. Called Labuan Mirror (Labuan Kaca) because the water in the lake is so clear like mirror. But not only clarity that makes it special.

Komodo Island Trip - Labuan Cermin Lake also known as Labuan Mirror in East Kalimantan, Indonesia

The lake of Labuan Cermin (Labuan Mirror) is connected to the sea but the unique freshwater that dominates lake is not mixed with saltwater from the sea. This unique phenomenon can you feel if you dive into the lake. On the surface, the lake water was fresh, but at the bottom of the lake water will taste salty. Miraculously the water is never mixed with each other. The boundary between fresh water and saltwater was very visible as a line in the water.

4. Kakaban Lake – East Kalimantan

This lake located in Derawan which also has its own privileges. Kakaban lake is unique because the history of the formation and the species that inhabit on it. At first this lake fill with sea water which trapped on Kakaban island then for two million years sea water mixed with groundwater and rainwater.

Komodo Island Trip - Kakaban Lake East Kalimantan

Also in this lake living species of jellyfish which not stinging. In this lake the jellyfish has been tame and become a friend of the tourists who swim there. According to researchers, this jellyfish lose the stingingability for millions of years because it did not find the enemy in these waters. The only place that there is no stinging jellyfish in the world apart from Indonesia is in the islands of Micronesia, precisely in Palau.

So after knowing about the beautiful lakes that exist in Indonesia, now is the time to prepare to visit the lake. Which lake would you like to visit first?


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