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Labuan Bajo

Komodo Island Trip - On the westernmost tip of the Island of Flores, the town of Labuan Bajo, or also spelled Labuhan Bajo sits peacefully: a small fishing site with surprisingly comprehensive tourist facilities. The central logic for its wide range of amenities is the extraordinary interest of travelers to the existence of the Komodo dragon, locally called ora, if not for its superb national park that encompasses some 80 islands.

Facing two important islands – Rinca and Komodo – the only habitat in the world for the mythical and endangered species, the Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis), the town of Labuan Bajo acts as a transit port and a destination to Flores’s newly discovered interior. The town at the most western end of Flores provides a place to stock up on groceries and other necessities for those traveling on live boards to the islands or further east.

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So'a Hot Spring

Komodo Island Trip - What the hell are not more beautiful than enjoying the tour with the system once paddled two three birds with one stone . That's what you can feel when visiting the island of Flores . From the western end of which is a tourist destination island of Komodo , Rinca and based in Labuan Bajo then in the middle of it , Ende , who keep the charm of the lake three colors . Travellers who have set foot on the ground Flores certainly rarely missed an opportunity to continue the journey to Labuan Bajo of Flores.

During the trip using the Trans Flores provincial lines here you will find some travelers who had to stop off point while all the way . Labuan Bajo contours of the coastal lowlands of the way to Flores is definitely going through a typical highland areas cool, distant mountains are named Bajawa . There a variety of mountain tourism and also easily found worthy to be enjoyed . One example is enjoying bath in the hot water bath Manggeruda that is located in one of the areas in Bajawa named Soa .

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Batu Cermin

Komodo Island Trip - Mirror stone, is actually a tunnel or a cave in the dark rock in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Sunlight into the cave through a hole in the wall and then bounced off a rock that seems to reflect little light to other areas in the cave like a mirror. That's why this place is called the stone mirror.

This cave is located east of the port of Labuan Bajo about four kilometers from the city center. This cave has a forest where you can find long-tailed macaque and wild boar.

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Kalong Island, Flores

Komodo Island Trip - Flores cluster of small islands into the Komodo National Park area has its own characteristics , each of which is rich in diversity of flora or fauna both on land or under the sea . Perhaps rarely seen typical terrestrial animals that colonize an island . Most are group of islands in the underwater beauty store .Of course the many islands of Komodo and Rinca Island inherent in memory of the tourists as the island is the habitat of endemic land animals are dragons . However , there is one island that turns fruit store special privileges as a habitat for thousands of animals that live there and be a tourist destination as well that can only be seen from a ship at the edge of the island . The island called Pulau Kalong . From the name alone would already know that the animals that lived up to form colonies are thousands of Bats or Flying Fox.

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Scuba Dving around Komodo National Park

Komodo Island Trip - Distance from Labuan Bajo: 10 km, Maximum Depth: 30 m, Description of the dive site: Seamount and Coral Garden, hard coral, fringing reef and sandy slope.

What you can see: Nudibranches, Scorpion fishes, Stone fishes and other macro. Suggestions: If there is not current it’s nice to go and visit a seamount where pelagic fishes can be spotted. If the current picks up in the channel ( between the wall and the seamount) it’s better to stay in shallow water.

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Reviewed April 18, 2013
I've wanted to go to Komodo for years and I'm so glad we made the trip. Alam organised it all really well, my only criticism is that we were not advised to down size our luggage - luckily we'd made that decision ourselves, and left most of our luggage in Bali. I'm glad we did, as there was very limited space on the boat for luggage! Other than that - the scenery was gorgeous, the komodo dragons impressive, the food on board the boat amazingly good - it was a fabulous trip!


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